Hey, hi, hello!

Nice to meet ‘ya! I’m Chantal Hermetz (but you can call me Channy), a 20 year-old coffee lovin’, beer drinkin’, loud talkin’, word vomitin’, Media & Digital Communications student at Western University. 

the man. the myth. the legend. 3 year old me.

More formally, I’m a writer and creator completely obsessed with the art of storytelling. I’ve discovered my favourite stories in documentaries, stand-up comedies, blogs, podcasts and just simply talking to people.

Alrighty, so why “We The Story”?




We The Story is the idea that your story – while it’s unique to you – is also fundamentally the same as the person next to you, as the person across the screen, as the person across the ocean and as the thing that’s living a couple planets over (I’m just assuming, but that’d be pretty dope).

We spend so much time comparing our story to others, thinking we’re less than and convincing ourselves that we’ll never be as successful as someone else.

If we spent more time admiring others stories and learning from them instead of comparing to them, maybe we’d actually push passed our little comfort zones and do amazing, fun, epic, incredible, etc. things with our lives.


"look back at it" is what I was probably thinking

This is a space where I talk about life shenanigans, ask the awkward questions and embrace every weird aspect of being a human bean. 

My hope is that you leave this space feeling a little less alone, a tad more rad and TOTALLY capable of doing every f*cking thing you’ve ever wanted to do.

"Braces": A Tragedy

I’m super happy to have you here! Keep in touch!

P.S. Want a full run-down on why I started my blog? Read all about it!!!