We don’t talk about the summers between University

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University is like a womb (great start, right? Thank you).

University students are the fetus’ that find comfort in their mother’s warmth.

We grow and roll around each other because we’re confused about our real purpose here. All the while we’re waiting for the water to break so we can brace for the hard hit of the “real world”. Just when we think we’ve got a hold on our existence… BAM! We’re being ripped from our post-secondary womb and we’re shivering and crying and cold and confused and the outside world is NOTHING like the womb and it’s all been a lie and do we even know how to write a sentence?! ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY NOT. 

The university kicks us out and says “Peace out my good dudes! See ya next September when you’ve collected a couple more dollars that we can *respectfully* shove down our throats!”

To which we all simultaneously reply “what the fuck am I supposed to do now?!”

And so we pack up, go home and spend the whole summer attempting to make very unofficial and “iffy” plans with friends. Our new friends are now scattered all over the place, making reunions tremendously difficult (and expensive) to plan. Eventually, we just start to feel alone.

You want to complain to your parents and tell them that you wish you lived closer to your best friends, but you already know they’re going to look at you, shrug their shoulders and go “well, that’s life”. And they’re right! It just a hurts a lil’.

It’s like the world is screaming at us “Make memories! Stay out late! Drive around with the windows down at 2am on a Tuesday night because it’s cool!” 

But we’re yelling back “How can we make memories without money? And also do your parents have the car tonight? Wait, who’s paying for gas?”

The summers between University are the epitome of contradictions and glamorized Instagram feeds.

So let’s be real with each other. No one is actually having all the fun they say they are. And if they are, then you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life and you should unfriend them. I’m kidding. (Kind of). 

Maybe you’re watching everyone’s snapchats in Mykonos (because everyone and their mother is there this summer, is it just me?!) or scrolling through Instagram stories of people declaring they have the best job ever. Regardless, summer is prime time for social media glamorization. Whether you’re working a part-time job, an unpaid internship or landed a full-time, we’re all experiencing loneliness and confusion on varying levels.

Not to mention, some of us can only wish we could be those adventure driven people that pack all their shit up, leave their jobs, flip off their bosses and hit the road. Unfortunately for the most of us, it’s just not realistic. And that’s okay! It doesn’t mean you’re wasting your life or not living it right. Some things are just not feasible.

All of this to say, if you’re a university student and feeling like summer isn’t all its cracked up to be anymore… you’re right and you sure as hell are not alone in this. My best advice for making the best of this summer is to do the things you can afford and not feel bad (for too long) about the things you can’t. Look, I wanted to go on a brewery tour and get MC Hammer’ed this summer, but my bank card slapped me in the face and yelled “as fucking if, my man“.

Take this time to work on yourself. Physically and mentally. Read. Write. Film. Yell. Bike. Eat. Do things that make you happy (and possibly don’t hurt your wallet).

Keep it rad’n’real, my dudes.




Author: Chantal Hermetz

Hey, hi, hello! My name is Chantal Hermetz, writer and creator of We The Story, where I tell stories inspired by the everyday. I'm a 20-year-old happy mess of a human chasing my dream of telling stories through writing and various other creative mediums (finger painting in wet cement is next). More formally, I'm a Media and Digital Communications student at Western University and *often* take part in activities that involve coffee and beer. *Photo credit: @beccaserenaphoto

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